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The Power Hour is a, private, one-hour consulting call with Aisha designed to help you cover whatever challenges, questions, blocks, or opportunities are appearing in your life and business. During your private, 1-on-1 strategy session, you can address any topic you like. Whether it’s confidence, creating, business, or getting clear about your message. Aisha will share strategies, recommendations and actions that will help you get unstuck and reach your goals.

You can take part LIVE anywhere in the world. 

Sessions take place via phone or Zoom. 


Two years in a row, I brought Aisha out to Las Vegas and she was nothing less than POWERFUL!  Aisha Nikole’s purpose shines through when she speaks. Aisha is straight forward in her guide to assisting women in a powerful and purposeful life and business giving us a moment with Aisha we will never forget! 



If you’re looking for a Powerhouse speaker to inspire and challenge your audience, ignite your retreat, business conference, women’s conference, or help with practice tools for your team. See how Aisha can be a perfect fit for you. Topics are customized to meet the specific needs of your audience. But there is a common theme. Let go of fear and start living Powerful.

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Monica D Ware, 
Publisher of Be You! Girl Magazine 
Host of Ultimate Girlfriends Conference

Aisha Nikole is a tremendous, thought provoking speaker. Her passion to educate her audiences, shows through her zeal, drive and her excellent delivery on stage. Aisha is a favorite at my annual conference. Feedback from my guests say, "She's down to earth and very well prepared." 

Aisha Nikole would be a great addition on stage to any audience. She's a dynamic speaker, changing the game in women empowerments, conferences, brunch events, high schools, colleges and the list goes on.


Elisha E. Henderson
CEO Final Look Editing

After hearing Aisha speak you are flowing with empowerment but that is not all…You are motivated to take actions that lead to enlightenment, elevation and healing.


Josie Sims 
Author, Confidence Coach 

I had the privilege to be under the leadership of Aisha...She is a devoted innovator, skill builder, and exceptional speaker. Her expertise has taught me to be profit orientated, Integrity, and being clear in all I do. Her Masterful passion for excellence, left me very impressed. She is a brilliant, elegant and inspiring woman.

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