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CEO | Speaker | Author | Publicist

Aisha Nikole, a multifaceted leader as CEO, Speaker, Author, and Publicist, stands at the forefront of the transformative Aisha Nikole Collection, redefining luxury in the realm of women of color. Her journey spans over a decade dedicated to empowering women and nurturing purpose-driven enterprises, marked by global initiatives in social and educational domains.

At the helm of the Aisha Nikole Company, she pioneers Powerology™, a groundbreaking endeavor focused on unlocking inner potential and fortifying her clients' core strength. Her flagship venture, the Powerology™ Academy, serves as a beacon of empowerment, offering courses, events, and coaching to propel women towards decisive growth in both personal and business spheres.
Beyond her pioneering work in Powerology™, Aisha's repertoire includes stellar representation in public relations for a diverse array of clients, spanning syndicated television, entrepreneurs, and event management. Her impact extends to over a dozen radio programs and various TV networks, alongside numerous speaking engagements at high-profile conferences, sharing the stage with esteemed influencers like Lisa Ling, Megan Good, Michelle Williams, and more.
Aisha's literary contributions shine through three authored books spanning self-help and personal empowerment, complementing her mentorship role in guiding teenagers through personal development experiences. Her dedication to empowerment and advocacy echoes through every facet of her illustrious career.



In addition to being the driving force behind Powerology™, Aisha is the founder of the Power25 Collective. A sisterhood initiative for women who are interested in developing relationships with other powerful likeminded women. 

Aisha has appeared on over a dozen radio broadcast programs and several tv networks. She has spoken at countless conferences and has shared the stage with some of the top female influencers such as, Lisa Ling, Megan Good, Michelle Williams, Jackie Christie, Karen Civil, and Real Talk Kim, to name a few.  Aisha has authored three books with topics ranging from self-help to personal empowerment. She has also implemented her personal development experienced and has been a mentor to teenagers. 

Her travel experiences and cultural adaptations have broadened her perspective on various cultures, religions, and ways of life, which have truly molded Aisha to be a delightful, worldly person to work with. Exceptional leadership, astute conflict resolution, keen strategic thinking, relentless perseverance, and faith-filled integrity are areas she excels, yet her passion, selflessness, and vision to assist others in reaching their highest potential in relationships, business, and in life are her greatest attributes as a nationally acclaimed personal development coach and Powerologist™

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